Applications : ECG Rolls, POS Rolls, Industrial Charts, Medical Charts


Nova-A5 Flexo Label Press designed for multi-substrate print capabilities with chill drum + UV and electronic line shaft drive (full servo). The ergonomics design offers unmatched configuration flexibility, excellent print register, excellent dot reproduction and quick job changeover. It is a modular designed, PLC-controlled, feature rich press can be offered with many rail mounted converting options for printing, coating, foiling, digital printing, die cutting, sheeting & rewinding. The press adopts advance electronic controls through PLC, Remote Access for technical support, HMI (Human Machine Interface) and advance servo drives.

Introducing the exceptional NovaGRAPH, a specialized metric size gearing flexo press specifically designed for medical charts, ECG rolls, and POS/ATM rolls. The NovaGRAPH offers the versatility of two configurable production formats: roll to roll or roll to fold. This press is perfectly suited for applications requiring quick-drying water-based flexo inks, sensor hole punching, cross and vertical perforation, and high-speed fan folding.

With its unique offering, the NovaGRAPH stands as a one-of-a-kind product from Alliance. Experience the outstanding customization options and exceptional quality that have enabled businesses to achieve remarkable growth. Choose the NovaGRAPH and unlock unparalleled possibilities in your printing operations.



Working width (mm) (inch) Max unwind diameters (mm) Max rewind diameters (mm) Fan Fold sizes(mm) Gearing Repeat range (inch) Mechanical Speed
450 (17.7”) Up-to 1000 650 | 1000 100 to 400 5mm C.P. 200 – 600 (Steps of 5mm) 150 m/min
550 (21.6”) Up-to 1000 650 | 1000 100 to 400 5mm C.P. 200 – 600 (Steps of 5mm) 150 m/min


Customization Options

Cross TurnBar is a vital component in the printing process that allows for seamless printing on both sides of the web. By efficiently reversing the web, the Cross TurnBar enables precise and accurate printing on the backside, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming manual handling. This innovative technology ensures optimal registration and consistent print quality, enabling you to maximize productivity and achieve superior results.


A vital component in ensuring optimal printing quality and production efficiency. Slitter dust and environmental contaminants pose significant challenges to achieving production goals and maintaining high print standards. With the Web Cleaner, these obstacles are effectively addressed as it efficiently removes slitter dust and other contaminants from the film's surface prior to printing. By eliminating these impurities, the Web Cleaner enables a clean and pristine printing surface, resulting in enhanced print quality and reduced downtime.

Web cleaner

It enhances image quality and intensifies color vibrancy, ensuring remarkable printing results. By harnessing the power of Corona Treatment, the original background image is effectively removed, leaving behind only the crisp and clear printed text. This process not only enhances clarity and sharpness but also eliminates ghosting and blurring, particularly on high-resolution prints. Furthermore, the Web Corona Treatment allows for the transformation of black and white prints into vibrant, colored masterpieces.

Web corona treatment

The Fan Folding Unit is a specialized feature designed to meet the unique requirements of certain applications such as business forms and ECG paper. It enables the efficient production of output in the form of a folded web, ensuring precise and consistent folding at high speeds. By incorporating the Fan Folding Unit into your printing process, you can streamline production and achieve the desired format for your specific application.

Fan fold unit

UV (Mercury) | UV (LED) | Hot Air | InfraRed Whether you require UV, LED, hot air, or a combination of these methods, we provide the flexibility to choose the most suitable drying solution for your use case. Achieve optimal drying efficiency and superior print quality, ensuring your products are ready for the next stage of production. With our versatile drying options, you have the power to customize and optimize your printing process, delivering exceptional results every time.

Drying options

The Programmable Print Marker is a versatile feature specifically designed for ECG printing machines. It serves the crucial function of placing a sensor mark on the web, providing precise guidance for the machine to determine the starting and stopping points for each print. With its programmable capabilities, the print marker can be easily adjusted to accommodate various fan fold sizes, ensuring accurate alignment and seamless printing.

Programmable print marker

Designed for Multi-substrate Print


  • Working Width – 370mm / 430mm / 510mm
  • Design Speed – 150 mpm
  • Unwind & Rewind Diameters – Up to 1000mm
  • Drying Options – Hot Air / IR / UV
  • Movable Track For Converting Options
  • Sturdy 25mm Thick Box Frame Design
  • Web Guide, Splice Table, Web Video Camera (standard)
  • Electric Hoist
  • Web Re-Pass
  • Registered Die Cutting




From printing high-resolution logos and branding to ensuring precise slitting and finishing, our solutions optimize the production process, ensuring flawless output.


ECG Roll Printing and Converting with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions. Tailored for the specific needs of the healthcare industry, our machines ensure accurate and high-quality printing of ECG rolls.


With precise registration and exceptional print quality, our technology ensures accurate representation of data and clear visualization of information.


our machines deliver exceptional precision and quality for medical chart production. With advanced features such as variable data printing and accurate slitting.



Alliance in IPAMA

Alliance Printech is a leading manufacturer of flexographic printing presses. With over 15 years of experience, we are committed to delivering innovative

Jatinder Julka on Alliance Printech’s journey

For Jatinder Kumar Julka, managing director of the Faridabad-headquartered Alliance Printech, which has been serving the printing, packaging, and converting industry since 2007, it has been an amalgamation of experiences – first as an employee and then as an entrepreneur

Alliance Printech’s maiden show at Pamex 2023

Alliance Printech showcased its NovaSmart Flexo Label Press, which is designed for multi-substrate print capabilities with UV and mechanical line shaft drive (semi-servo), at the allied print and packaging exhibition, Pamex, for the first time.

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