Jatinder Julka on Alliance Printech’s journey

For Jatinder Kumar Julka, managing director of the Faridabad-headquartered Alliance Printech, which has been serving the printing, packaging, and converting industry since 2007, it has been an amalgamation of experiences – first as an employee and then as an entrepreneur – that guided him in his entrepreneurial journey.

Talking to Packaging South Asia, Julka recalls how his initial experience in Sud & Warren at age 19 became the core of his inspiration to establish his own label press manufacturing company.

“My first interaction with the printing and label industry was with Sud & Waren in 1991 as a sales trainee, where I worked for 10 years. From there, I moved to another company, where I stayed for five years, getting more technical know-how of the industry. Those 15 years of experience led me to form Alliance Printech in 2007. I have more than 30 years of experience in the label printing industry.”

Alliance started with business forms presses and tried a lot of different machines before their first label press, said Julka. “It wasn’t perfect. People, however, trusted us to treat their problems as our own. We were fully committed to serving our customers. For the better part of a decade, we learned a lot and grew to a point where those initial customers are buying their third or even fourth press from us. Flexo printing machines are all about precision; the tolerances are more stringent than in an internal combustion engine. It takes time and, more importantly, compassion and love for the machine to build a masterpiece that can add so much value to the printer’s operations that they become friends with you.”

LabelExpo— an exhibition for printers and converters in the labeling industry – was a big opportunity for the company.

“I have worked with industries such as paper, flexo and gravure, converters, letter and offset press makers on all aspects, be it development, sales, or maintenance. The amalgamation of these experiences was very fruitful in establishing my entrepreneurial venture in printing presses for labels. With a focus on innovation and value engineering, we manufacture a wide range of printing and converting machinery. We came to the limelight by participating in LabelExpo in 2012 and since then, our business has been growing steadily,” Julka said.

According to him, what sets Alliance apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company’s focus on delivering value-engineered solutions and refusal to compromise on quality has earned it a distinct position in the market. “We could talk about Alliance’s slogan ‘ Committed to value engineering’ and how it is continuously improving and innovating trying to get the customer the best or nothing. Alliance has an excellent setup for world-class in-house manufacturing, testing, and assembly. We are continuously cooking something new with our growth-hungry team of engineers, trying new avenues, exploring mutually beneficial partnerships, and always learning and looking forward.”

Pamex 2023 was the first exhibition with a machine for the company outside Delhi-NCR. Packaging South Asia reported about the display of Alliance’s NovaSMART’s Flexo Label Press in Mumbai. “This was the first time our company participated in Pamex. We never exhibited outside Delhi-NCR with a machine. Although we participated in exhibitions abroad, taking our machine there was fruitful. We received a great footfall and inquiries from visitors kept us occupied. We are a quality-centric company but prefer to grow alongside our customers and stakeholders,” he said.