Applications : Self Adhesive Labels, PVC & PET Shrink Film


Nova-A5 Flexo Label Press designed for multi-substrate print capabilities with chill drum + UV and electronic line shaft drive (full servo). The ergonomics design offers unmatched configuration flexibility, excellent print register, excellent dot reproduction and quick job changeover. It is a modular designed, PLC-controlled, feature rich press can be offered with many rail mounted converting options for printing, coating, foiling, digital printing, die cutting, sheeting & rewinding. The press adopts advance electronic controls through PLC, Remote Access for technical support, HMI (Human Machine Interface) and advance servo drives.

Introducing the remarkable NovaSMART, the intelligent solution for label printers. With its compact design, NovaSMART saves valuable space while ensuring maximum overall efficiency and minimal wastage with its reduced web length. Equipped with an advanced MLS drive system, it delivers precise web control for handling paper and filmic materials, offering an unbeatable cost-to-ROI ratio.

NovaSMART comes packed with best-in-class features as standard, but can be further configured to meet the specific requirements of each customer. At Alliance, we believe in optimizing rather than complicating, helping you maximize profits without unnecessary technology expenses. Choose NovaSMART and make the smart choice for your label printing needs.



Working width (mm) (inch) Max unwind & rewind diameters (mm) Max matrix diameter (mm) Print units Mechanical Speed Repeat range (inch) Substrate Range (micron) Multi Substrate Capabilities Die Cut stations
370 (14.5”) Up-to 1000 Up-to 650 2 - 10 170 m/min 7” – 22” 35µ - 250 µ 1-3
450 (17.7”) Up-to 1000 Up-to 650 2 - 10 170 m/min 7” – 22” 35µ - 250 µ 1-3
550 (21.6”) Up-to 1000 Up-to 650 2 - 10 170 m/min 7” – 22” 35µ - 250 µ 1-3


Customization Options

UV (Mercury) | UV (LED) | Hot Air | InfraRed Whether you require UV, LED, hot air, or a combination of these methods, we provide the flexibility to choose the most suitable drying solution for your use case.

Drying options

With NovaSCAN, the register mark is displayed after every print station, providing live feedback to the operator. This real-time feedback enables precise adjustments, minimizing wastage and ensuring optimal print registration for superior quality output.


By using a standard printing plate and an ultraviolet-curable cold foil adhesive, the unit applies foil onto the substrate, creating a vibrant and eye-catching surface. The adhesive is cured with an ultraviolet dryer, ensuring precise foil adhesion

Cold Foil Unit

A versatile process that seamlessly joins multiple flexible packaging webs to create a robust and functional packaging solution. With the ability to bond various materials the lamination unit allows for endless combinations to achieve desired packaging properties.

Lamination unit

A specialized process that enables the separation of adhesive paper from the siliconate layer, allowing for printing on the glue side and subsequent re-coupling. This innovative unit provides the capability to modify and enhance the printed surface of adhesive labels, opening up new possibilities for customization and design.

Delam-relam unit with turnbar

A vital component in ensuring optimal printing quality and production efficiency. Slitter dust and environmental contaminants pose significant challenges to achieving production goals and maintaining high print standards.

Web cleaner

Treatment enhances image quality and intensifies color vibrancy, ensuring remarkable printing results. By harnessing the power of Corona Treatment, the original background image is effectively removed, leaving behind only the crisp and clear printed text. Furthermore, the Web Corona Treatment allows for the transformation of black and white prints into vibrant, colored masterpieces.

Web corona treatment

A solution for creating a safe and efficient printing environment. By neutralizing static charges on both sides of the substrate prior to printing, these bars prevent the risk of solvent ignition, ensuring operator safety. Moreover, the Anti-Static Bars enable a significant increase in printing speed by effectively eliminating static charges on the substrate.

Anti-static bars

With the capability to convert rolls into sheets, this unit is especially beneficial for liquor label printing. Easily attachable to your machine when needed, the sheeting unit eliminates the need for an additional offline process. Streamline your production, enhance efficiency, and save valuable time by seamlessly transitioning from roll to sheet format.

Sheeting unit

Designed for Multi-substrate Print


  • Working Width – 370mm / 430mm / 510mm
  • Design Speed – 150 mpm
  • Unwind & Rewind Diameters – Up to 1000mm
  • Drying Options – Hot Air / IR / UV
  • Movable Track For Converting Options
  • Sturdy 25mm Thick Box Frame Design
  • Web Guide, Splice Table, Web Video Camera (standard)
  • Electric Hoist
  • Web Re-Pass
  • Registered Die Cutting




Print intricate details and security features for the pharmaceutical industry, from small text to complex graphics.


Efficiently print a wide range of FMCG products, from vibrant packaging designs to clear product information, ensuring eye-catching and informative labels.


Deliver high-quality prints tailored to the alcohol and beverages industry, showcasing vibrant designs and captivating labels.


Enhance the allure of cosmetic products with our printing capabilities, delivering captivating designs, vibrant colors, and precise labeling for an irresistible visual appeal.



Alliance in IPAMA

Alliance Printech is a leading manufacturer of flexographic printing presses. With over 15 years of experience, we are committed to delivering innovative

Jatinder Julka on Alliance Printech’s journey

For Jatinder Kumar Julka, managing director of the Faridabad-headquartered Alliance Printech, which has been serving the printing, packaging, and converting industry since 2007, it has been an amalgamation of experiences – first as an employee and then as an entrepreneur

Alliance Printech’s maiden show at Pamex 2023

Alliance Printech showcased its NovaSmart Flexo Label Press, which is designed for multi-substrate print capabilities with UV and mechanical line shaft drive (semi-servo), at the allied print and packaging exhibition, Pamex, for the first time.

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2 Axis Laser Cutting machine
4 KW ( Amada Japan)
(Accuracy – 0.1 MM)

Plasma Cutting
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